• 01. Domestic Cleaning £16 £14
  • 02. Carpet Cleaning - Bedroom £28 £23
  • 03. Deep Cleaning £20 £18
  • 04. End of Tenancy - Studio £99 £79
  • 05. Gardening Service £50 £45

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Oven Cleaning Hampstead NW3

Oven Cleaning Before and AfterLike all kitchen appliances, ovens need proper cleaning which should be performed on a regular basis to keep them in good condition. We can ensure the cleaning of your ovens which will improve their work and appearance.

Use our inexpensive oven cleaning services which are at your disposal in Hampstead NW3 every day of the week. Our team of cleaning specialists have the technical skills and expertise to prove the necessary work.

They clean the removable oven parts separately and move the glass panels and oven door to sanitise it whenever this is possible.

Extensive Oven Cleaning Hampstead

“Is it just me or does my oven look like I just bought it? I mean, your cleaners were so pedantic and so thorough that they got every single stain off and now my oven is shiny. So shiny I could see myself while applying makeup! ” – Michele
Oven Cleaning Price
Single Oven from £45
Double Oven from £63
Cooker Hob Cleaning from £23

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    We can offer you professional top to bottom cleaning of your oven which involves:

    • Dismantling some of the components
    • Using an effective dip tank cleaning system
    • The use of mild but efficient cleaning products
    • Removing of grease, carbon deposits, stains and food leftovers
    • Sanitising inside and out the oven: its body and hobs
    • Rinsing and wiping the removable parts before reassembling them

    Before starting work, our cleaning staff will check which oven components can be moved and take them out of the oven to sanitise them. They will dismantle the oven door and its glass panels to polish them. The racks, pans and other oven parts which can be removed, will be soaked in heated cleaning solution. It will remove all hard stains, carbon deposits and grease.

    Cooker Cleaning NW3

    Cooker CleaningOur cleaning staff will sanitise the inside of the cooker, scrub and polish the oven door, glass panels, knobs and internal oven surfaces. Then, they will rinse and dry the removable components well and put them on their places. The oven cleaning which we provide within Hampstead NW3 can take from one to a couple of hours.

    Our staff will provide suitable cleaning of the exterior of the oven as well. They will sanitise the hobs, body and every surface of the appliance until all smudges, grease stains and dirt are completely removed. Use our customer care centre or booking form to schedule your oven cleaning, which we provide in Hampstead NW3 seven days per week. We clean ovens in commercial and domestic estates.